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Relevant Life Cover

Busy Bees Benefits offers Relevant Life Cover as a business benefit, and you can find out more information regarding this type of cover below. If you’re interested and would like to find out more about how Relevant Life Cover can help your business, get in touch with us by phone or email.

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Learn more about Relevant Life Cover

There are many benefits in offering Relevant Life in certain circumstances, the ability to offer a relevant life scheme is thought to benefit a business by helping it attract the right employees with a benefits package that's tailored to the individual's needs.

What is Relevant Life Cover?

Relevant life cover is a life insurance policy that allows companies to offer a death-in-service benefit to its employees.

Who can use Relevant Life Cover?

There are many people who could benefit from relevant life cover. These include:

  • Businesses too small for a group life scheme
  • High-earning employees who might exceed their personal pension lifetime allowance. Registered group life schemes are included in pension legislation, meaning any paid claim is included in the employee’s pension fund. Claims paid under Relevant Life Cover don’t count towards a person’s lifetime allowance.
  • Members of group life schemes who want to top up their benefits (some group life schemes can be restrictive)

The person covered must be a UK resident and an employee of a UK business and cover must stop by age 75. As well as this, Relevant Life Cover is not available to sole traders or partnership companies and must be written in a discretionary trust.

Why do I need Relevant Life Cover?

This policy helps the families of an employee who has died or is terminally ill by giving them a lump sum to help with any finance issues that may occur. It is a great way to show employees that you appreciate them and will continue to support in the best way you can if something ever happens.

How Does Relevant Life Ccover work?

Relevant Life Cover is a tax efficient way for employers to give individual death-in-service benefits. It pays out a large sum if the employee dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness during the term of the policy.

What are the tax benefits?

There can be tax benefits for both the employer and employee. In terms of the employer, there is corporation tax relief and no National Insurance Contributions to pay on the policy payments paid to fund the relevant life policy. In terms of the employee, there are also no National Insurance Contributions to pay on the policy payments paid to fund the relevant life policy, the payments are not subject to tax, the policy payments don’t count towards annual or lifetime pension allowances and so the money can generally provide their family with a tax-free lump sum if the worst happens to them.

When is the benefit received?

Once the claim has been investigated, the lump sum would be sent to the family of the person insured.